Village Shipkovo

The village Shipkovo is located in the north slopes of the intermediate part of Stara planina, within the Fore-Balkan folds, in the east slopes of the Vasiljovska mountain, 20 km west away from the town of Trojan and about 47 km south-east away from the town of Teteven. The village is located in the valley of the river Rajdavetz-left hand side feeder of the river Beli Ossam in the contact area of the national park "Central Balkan".

The actual village Shipkovo exists since about 1630 years. The inhabitants are about 1000 persons. The level of the village is 680 m. above the sea and the resort "Mineral bath of Shipkovo" level is 700 m above the sea level. The total surface of the resort is 45 000 decares.

Village Shipkovo

In the resort "Mineral bath of Shipkovo" is visited by people from all over the country for cure of gastric and intestinal diseases, neurological and ophthalmic diseases as well as diseases of the respiratory organs. The area offers also conditions for walk in the wonderful natural landmarks of the Balkan.

Village Shipkovo map

The village of Shipkovo has temperate continental climate-fresh summer and mild winter. The average annual temperature for the area is 10 °С. The freshness of the clean and , the unique combination of century old beech and coniferous trees, the clear mountain springs, the crystal clear air, the wonderful and unique rock forms and caves do the village Shipkovo unique and impressive as well as more and more requested and visited place.

In the area of the village of Shipkovo are met unique kind of trees, being of interest for all visitors of the village and the resort. In the area there are a lot natural land marks, tourist’s attractions, eco-paths and itineraries.

In the mountain areas may be seen black-berries, blue berries, wild raspberries, large variety of mushrooms and medicinal herbs. The village Shipkovo is a rich hunting area and a lot of hunters from Bulgaria and abroad is welcomed. There may be seen a deer, wild boar, red deer, bear and not so often wolf and other predatory animals. Sometimes predatory birds may also be seen.

In the center of the village Shipkovo there is the church of the Ascension Day. The church was built up during the year 1858 and is promulgated as monument of the culture.