Museums, history of the area

Museum of popular arts and crafts and natural arts - town of Trojan

The museum is placed on the central square "Vasrajdane" and is famous with the fact that is the only Bulgarian museum preserved the wealth of the masters of the popular arts, crafts and applied arts. The exhibition is shown in 10 halls. The museum investigates and shows the beginning and the development of the popular crafts and applied arts in the area: ceramics, woodworking, wood processing, wood-carving, icon painting, iron processing, wine vessels production, guns production, goldsmith’ s trade, manufacturing of home spun, weaving, interior of the mountain house, modern crafts.

Museum of popular arts and crafts and natural arts

Natural science museum - Tcherni Osam

The museum is created by a well known biology teacher of Trojan. The museum exhibition represents a rich collection of all animal representatives in the area-more than 1200 kinds of birds, mammalians, amphibians, reptiles and insects. The village has a very original and beautiful collection of more than 2000 old pictures, telling the century - old history of the village. In the centre of the village Tcherni Osam is located the old "Serekova House", where is an exhibition of the most talented painters of Trojan.

National fair-exhibition of popular arts and crafts - village of Oreshak

National fair-exhibition of popular arts and crafts

That is the unique for the whole Bulgaria museum, especially devoted to popular arts and crafts as well as to the applied arts. The museum exhibition shows part of the rich collections of old and modern arts. The exhibition of the museum was opened during the year of 1968. The exhibition is erected on a surface of more than 50 decars, has 9 halls of total exhibition surface of 1500 square meters and one multipurpose hall.

The basic purpose of the exhibition is to show the originality of the Bulgarian national genius - the popular arts and crafts.

In the museum exhibition may be seen textiles, used mainly for home application. The mostly spread textiles for our ancestors are the rugs, fleecy rug and the goat’s hair rug. The wood processing is another craft very familiar to the masters of Trojan. The bridal chest, the barn, the yoke and the hand mill are some of the typical Bulgarian furniture. The ceramic school of Trojan is well known for the Bulgarian national revival. That is due to the experience and talents of the masters, producing practical, useful and nice articles. The crafts museum creates the possibilities for acquaintance with the authentic and original products of the extremely skilful masters.