Traditional festivities are part of your stay

Among the traditional festivities of the town of Apriltzi are the horse ridings during the month of February. They are dedicated to the Theodore's name's day, the festivities during the month of May about the anniversaries of the April uprising and the festivities during the month of September about the folklore festival "Sparkles from the past".

Traditional for the area of Trojan are the festivities dedicated to the plum and the Slivova rakija (Bulgarian white alcohol, produced from plums), accompanied by competitions, tasting and demonstration for rakija production.

In the middle of June the Annual National Fair for popular crafts in the village of Oreshak is inaugurated. From here every lover of the beauty may pick up a souvenir of the artistic feel of the mountain people and their skilful hands. During the months of July and August is the international plenary session for ceramics "Art ceramics of Trojan". During the month of October are the Festivities of the Culture of Trojan.

On the 15-th of August a lot of people celebrate the patron's saint day of the Monastery of Trojan with litany procession, preceded by the wonder-working icon of "Holy Virgin".

By the end of August in the area of Beklemeto opens the traditional Fair-singing competition, where the beautiful folkloric rhythms and songs may be heard and seen. In the village Tcherni Vit in the area of the town of Teteven is organized also a national folkloric children's fair-singing competition for authentic folklore.

The people of the mountain observe the old traditions. In the architectural and historical preserve Bojentzi and in the open air Ethnographic Museum "Etara" during the important religious festivities some restored habits are shown in order to remind the past and to spiritualize the present.

Among the most interesting festivities is the Day of the medical herbs -The Day of Enjo, celebrated during the month of June in the open air Ethnographic Museum Etara. A lot of guests from Bulgaria and abroad are coming to get acquainted with the curative effect of the medical herbs and to pass for being healthy through the fascinating Enjo's wreath of medical herbs.

During the month of September the open air Ethnographic Museum "Etara" meets masters from all over the world for demonstration oh their skills in the traditional crafts. The fair in the open air Ethnographic museum Etara is dedicated to the craftsman's protector - Saint Spiridon.

During the festivities about the April uprising dedicated to the events in the Monastery of Drjanovo the festival the "Balkan sings and tells stories" is organized.

The cultural life of the town of Trjavna is enlarged with the annual days dedicated to the poet Slavejkov. As approved center of the arts and crafts, the town of Trjavna is a host of international plenary session for wood-carvings "Bet in Trjavna" - unique for the country.

The town of Gabrovo becomes a world known capital of the laughter with his unique institution- unique in the world House of the Humor and the Satire. "The Funny House" is a center of the annual cultural festivities with multicolored Carnival, national meeting for talks “Blagolaj” and the international comedian festival.

Every uneven year, the House of the Humor and the Satire is a host of the International biennale for humor and satire in the arts. His motto "The world survived because the world laughed" long time ago becomes a motto of the town of Gabrovo.

During the month of August the international youth's festival "The youth of the Balkans" and during the month of September-the Days of the Chamber music are organized in the town of Gabrovo.