Recreation and sport

The mountain is a world, waiting to be rediscovered by the people. Leaving the daily problems away, the enthusiastic mountain-climber synchronizes perfectly himself and the mountain-only the mountain, the mountain-climber and his rucksack on his back. And why not with one mountain bicycle? The ecological paths, as well as the lot of mountain paths, offer a lot of possibilities for understanding the large variety of animal and plants world of the area. In the area there are a lot of panorama views. They may be reached easily by bicycle and by car. There are a lot of itineraries for bicycle and car tourism passing through beautiful villages and natural landmarks. has bicycles for sport and tourism.

The area of Aprltzi offers a lot of possibilities for horse tourism. Local companies offer sets of services from 1 hour up to 7 days.

Bicycles for sport and tourism

The mountain

The sloped and sharp summits and peaks as Shipka, Ispolin, Paradjika, Jurugka Gramada, Maragidik, Triglav, Ambaritza, Vejen and among them-the highest Botev with their wonderful views, are looking for their conquerors. Very often, Botev is surrounded with clouds and fogs, the peak is as fist, provoking the sky elements and calling the most audacious.

The narrow canyons, the vertical rocks and the precipices, the caves are challenge for the lovers of strong emotions.

At 30 km far away from the village Scandalo is located the resort Beklemeto. (Below the Trojan pass at 1320 m. above the sea level). Beklemeto offers perfect conditions for winter tourism. It has two stationary ski-trails and one of the Company Pomagalsky, three ski tracks of total length of about 2,5 km, three ski-wardrobes, six motor sledges and one rat track. In the close vicinity there is the best Bulgarian track for ski-racing and biathlon in a deciduous forest, satisfying all European requirements.

The snow-cover remains for 170 days per year.

Beklemeto offers perfect conditions for winter tourism

World championship for motocross

The latest attraction of the area of the Intermediate Stara Planina is the realization of stage of the World championship for motocross on the truck near the village of Gorna Rositza.